Guidance and Templates

Key SES Guidance and Templates


The following page provides the key package of guidance and templates available to support the implementation of UNDP’s updated Social and Environmental Standards (effective 1 January 2021). Additional guidance is also available on the principle and standard-specific pages linked below.

This guidance section will continue to evolve over time as new templates, guidance notes, and other documents will be included.

Transition Period

To facilitate a seamless changeover to the updated Social and Environmental Standards, a transition period has been introduced. For details on the transition period, please click here.

For guidance and templates in support of UNDP's 2015 Social and Environmental Standards, please click here.


Programming Principles 

Project-Level Standards 

Procedures and Accountability



    **Please note that all SESPs must be conducted (completion and approval process) in the UNDP SESP Online Tool. The offline templates below can facilitate information sharing among colleagues when conducting an SESP on the online platform.**

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