Procedures and Accountability

Quality Assurance and Risk Management

The SES are included in the "Principled" quality criteria within the Quality Assurance Framework for UNDP Programming. Therefore, compliance with the SES are reviewed by UNDP throughout the programme and project management cycle as part of the Programming Quality Assurance system.

​Programme and project documents incorporate appropriate management and budgetary resources to address associated social and environmental risks. For programmes that include a set of activities which pose potentially significant adverse social and environmental risks, a Strategic Social and Environmental Assessment (SESA)1 may need to be integrated into the programme.

​Programme and project level social and environmental risks will be tracked and monitored using UNDP's Risk Register and escalated where needed. Refer to UNDP's ERM Policy.


Footnotes: ​
​(1) SESA or Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) refers to a range of analytical and participatory approaches that aim to integrate social and environmental considerations into policies, plans and programmes and evaluate the interlinkages with economic and social considerations. For guidance see the OECD DAC guidelines "Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment" (2006), available at